Job Search Process Tips

To be successful in your job search process and career, its essential to have a healthy degree of confidence and self-belief.

It’s natural and relatable to lose a measure of confidence in yourself if you have recently lost your job or are afraid of losing your work in the midst of the severe economy, health, and job-loss crises.

It’s not uncommon to be advised to simply concentrate on your CV, LinkedIn page, professional network, and elevator pitch.

Whilst admittedly these are all great suggestions, they are unlikely to help you get to the root cause of your loss or lack of confidence. Low self-esteem is one of the most neglected qualities which are vital in having a successful job search and career.

This has become even more prevalent in the past few years, with many individuals stuck at home, left with a lot of time on their hands to begin questioning their own ability.

The process of search for a job is tough, and frequent rejections can lead to you asking questions, such as: “What did I do wrong?”, “Do I have bad luck”, and “Am I unlikeable?”

It’s important to not let these questions dictate your mood, and if you are struggling try using the suggestions below to help you regain that self-belief.

Team Up With A Friend, A Co-Worker, A Coach… Anyone!

Having someone to work alongside, who you can bounce ideas and your feelings off can be an invaluable thing during the job search process. But this can be applied not just in a job search but life in general.

A coach, co-worker or friend can offer you encouragement, proofread your work, and celebrate alongside you when you achieve a milestone.

They can also show you “tough love” by hitting you with a reality check if you start making excuses which aren’t going to get you anywhere.

If you don’t have anyone who comes to mind to fill this roll then worry not!

There are numerous resources available online including job search forums and career websites where they are communities of people who are or have gone through the same thing you are doing right now.

It’s highly likely that the advice they give you will be priceless when looking to move forward.

Maintain A Positive Self-Image

Maintaining a positive self-image will offer you the self-assurance you require when job hunting.

A negative mindset should be avoided with whatever prior achievements you have no being minimised but instead promoted. Be proud of yourself!

Many of us find this surprising hard to do…after all we are own our harshest critic. Because of this it is vital that you develop this mindset.

Having a positive self-image will help you to sell yourself during any job interviews.

You’re a professional, a service provider, and a one-person business, and when you’re looking for work, you’re looking for employers who want to invest in someone with specific abilities.

Your goal is to aggressively search for and find the ideal employer for you!

Job Search Process - Positive Self Image Individuals Lined Up

Make A List Of All Your Strengths

Your job hunt can be greatly boosted if you keep track of your talents, completed projects, technical knowledge, and accomplishments.

Make a list of all your qualifications and why you believe a company should hire you. Recognize your flaws as well, but don’t dwell on them.

Don’t get too caught up with your major skills and those you are missing because they are contingent and relative to the firm you’re interviewing with.

Instead, concentrate on thoroughly investigating a company and learning everything there is to know about it. Make a list of abilities which are relevant to the position and company you want to work for.

On top of this, make sure to put all of your research on the company into a folder and take it with you to your interview.

If you have been thorough then not only will this help you with any last-minute information checks but will also impress your prospective employers.

Exercise Regularly

Regular exercise will boost your self-esteem and help alter both your body and mind in your job search process. Studies have shown that exercising in a nice environment has been shown to boost self-esteem.

You want to get moving…whether this exercise is walking a dog, jogging, or even lifting weights. Body weight workouts are fantastic since they can be performed anywhere, without the need for equipment and you can find beginner to advanced routines on YouTube.

Try to do this at least 4 times per week initially and see how you feel after a month.

Cut The Negative People From Your Life

Negative people with negative thoughts can bring you down — something you just don’t need when looking for work. Replace flaky friends with positive influences that will enhance your self-confidence.

Unfortunately, many of your friends aren’t going to stick around for a long time…life has a habit of sending us all in different directions. But that’s okay – it’s simply the circle of life.

If there’s someone in your crew that’s taking too sapping a lot of your energy or taking too much time, don’t feel too bad about dumping them. Be honest and upfront.

Stand up for yourself so you can stop spending your precious time on things that are just a waste of time.

Read Job Search Books Which Can Help You Land A Job

Many prospective job searchers underestimate the value of job search books; however, they were written for a purpose and some of these books can completely change your perspective on how to approach job hunting.

You can find numerous lists of different books to read online, however, I will include a few below to help you get started:

Job Search Process - Advice Book Opened

Seek Expert Assistance

It’s understandable if you are feeling down and depressed after having experienced a negative job search process for an extended period of time without results. However, if you don’t address the issue, you’ll most likely continue to feel defeated.

It may be the best course of action to seek assistance from a counsellor, therapist, or other expert who can assist you in regaining your sense of perspective.

To give yourself the best chance of securing the job you actually want, you must address this, as well as any other toxic mindsets.

If you undertake these steps and others which are conducive to a healthy mindset then you will begin to notice a change in how people react to you.

Interviewers, managers, and even friends and family will have a more favourable impression of you.

People will be drawn to you because they want to be associated with a positive and optimistic person. From this you will naturally find yourself being more productive and getting further in your job search than ever before.

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