Everybody experiences a degree of nerves before or during an interview…and second interview nerves may be even worse.

Just remember…you are not alone!

For some, minimal nerves will be experienced with the tell-tale signs of your worries being a dry mouth or a slight shortness of breath. For others, it may be much more severe. The effects on these often can display much more visible symptoms, such as quivering hands or a wavering voice.

So…let’s ask why does this happen?

Most candidates feel interview anxiety because of the feeling that the stakes are really high. We have the impression that successfully obtaining the position we are applying for that obtaining the position will aid in the resolution of many issues, both personal and professional.

This is reasonable considering it enables us to pay our bills, purchase a new home, finalise a relocation to a different area, or even get out of a difficult employment position.

We also understand that the interview process can be a make-or-break situation for many candidates depending on the company they are looking for employment at.

Candidates can be acutely aware that messing up an interview by being overly apprehensive, we will most likely not be given a second chance. A great deal of stress is put on the body as a result of this particular cognitive process.

While you may not be able to completely eliminate your interview nervousness, the following ten suggestions will help you remain calm:

1: Be Prepared.

This is by far the most effective method of dealing with those pesky pre-interview anxieties there is.

Feeling confident when you arrive with your research completed and being ready to discuss how your talents and qualifications match up with the job that you’re applying for can help you feel more confident.

By researching the social media profiles or the working background of the persons who will be interviewing you, you will gain a better understanding of them.

Believe me when I say that if you can mention something about the interviewer’s background or a similar interest, you will impress them.

2: Acknowledge Yourself as an Excellent Candidate.

With every employment opportunity you will be competing with many other suitable prospects – because of this it’s possible that you will not be hired in the end but remember that someone has read your cover letter and CV, before deciding that they would like to meet you.

Interviewers don’t want to squander their own or anyone else’s time during the process.

Knowing that you are a candidate worth meeting should offer you a boost of confidence as you prepare for an interview with a prospective employer.

Second Interview Nerves and Tips

3: Take Preventative Measures in case of any Last-Minute from Occurring.

Preparation should begin the day before, with things like printing additional copies of your CV, organising your wardrobe, and making sure your clothing is clean and well-pressed.

Planning out your travel route and what mode of transportation you will be taking can help you to know where you’re going and how long it will take you to get there, which is beneficial in taking pressure of your mind.

4: Rehearse Key Lines.

Assume the position of the interviewer and ask a friend, family member, or mentor to conduct a mock interview with you in order to practice.

Examine your responses and get the assistance of a friend or family member in the process. When it comes to most activities, the more we do them, the better we get at them.

Consider videotaping your fake interview as well to get a better understanding of your body language.

5: Listen an Uplifting or Motivational Playlist.

Alternatively, whatever else gets your blood pumping (a podcast, a speech by your idol).

It is possible to fill your mind with energy and excitement rather than negative ideas in this manner.

6: Have a Healthy Meal Beforehand.

A fantastic interview begins with a fantastic meal. For some, this entails choosing a nutritious option that is high in antioxidants, which provide energy-boosting properties. Others may want to indulge in their favourite comfort foods, such as ice cream or chocolate.

There is no “right” answer; the only thing that matters is that it is right for you (and that it includes food, because no one can deliver a great interview answer when their stomach is grumbling).

Second Interview Nerves - Healthy Meal Beforehand and Tips

7: Approach the Interview as a Two-Way Conversation.

Remember that even if you are enthusiastic about the position, it is feasible that you can decline an offer if the position is not a good fit for you.

From your perspective, the interview is an opportunity to decide whether or not you will like the people, whether or not the income is in line with your expectations, and whether or not the work will be rewarding and difficult.

It’s reassuring to know that, while the employer is determining whether you are the best fit for their company, you are determining whether the job is the best fit for your skills and experience.

8: Don’t Admit you are Nervous in Front of Others.

It serves no purpose to express your nervousness. It will only serve to make you appear less self-assured.

Remember that a little anxiety (if it is kept under control) can really be beneficial, and you will be able to work through it within a few minutes if you do not panic.

9: Dress in your most Comfortable Clothes.

Let’s face it, we all have outfits that make us feel better about ourselves. Perhaps it is the shape, the style, or a certain colour that makes us appear more attractive.

Choose clothing that makes you feel good and is comfortable for you to wear.

To avoid strangling yourself when you button the top button of your shirt when you have to wear a tie, make sure that the size of your shirt collar is large enough.

At this point, it is not appropriate to try out a fresh look.

10: Become familiar with relaxation techniques.

Exercise allows me to unwind. When I have anything important to do that day doing some exercise on the morning of the interview can do wonders for your mindset and the rush of endorphins can counteracts some of your nerves.

Understand what makes you feel good and do those things before you go into an interview to make yourself feel good.

Second Interview Nerves - Make sure to Smile

11: Make Sure to Smile during your Second Interview.

It’s no secret that smiling helps you feel more confident, even if you’re only pretending, so what’s the harm in giving it a shot?

I am aware of the answer: none. Even better, if you keep it for a long enough period of time, you will gain the favour of the recruiting manager.

12: Plan an Activity for Afterwards.

You may not be looking forward to nervously sweating in front of a complete stranger, but what is it that you would be willing to put up with this in exchange for something else?

Is it time for a delicious meal? Would you want a massage? What could be better than a date with your dog and your favourite Netflix show?

Plan for it to be ready when you finish so that you have something exciting to look forward to and concentrate on instead of your nerves as you approach the finish line.

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