UPS Solutions and Businesses

Nearly all businesses in the UK are heavily integrated and reliant on electronic devices…whether this be their telephone systems, their IT infrastructure and servers, or their machinery. Because of this heavy reliance on continuous power being supplied it can be even more devastating to your business should an unforeseen incident occur.

They can include incidents such as blackouts, brownouts, surges, and spikes arise as a result of electrical storms and other natural or man-made disasters.

From these various occurrences it should come as no surprise that the majority of UK businesses have experience a power outage at some point and the disruption may have had a significant impact on their capacity to continue trading. This is doubly the case where the outage persists for a substantial amount of time.

Fortunately, a solution has been devised and implemented on the market in the form of an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)!

Through installing a UPS power system, you can have a SEAMLESS power protection system able to deal with any power loss, short or long, depending on the system’s battery autonomy, ready to guard against a power drop or power surge.

We have listed a number of reasons on why getting an Effective UPS Solution will benefit your business:

1. Preventing Operational Downtime Caused by Power Failure:

A loss of power to a business’s vital infrastructure, whether a bank of computers in an office or machinery in a production line, will result in thousands of pounds of downtime.

A UPS is designed to prevent this cost by immediately footing the power load during the downtime, whether it is merely a couple of minutes, or dozens of hours.

When the battery kicks on, all of the company equipment connected will remain operational. You will not experience any data loss when operating in the centre.

2. Equipment Protection from Power Shifts:

A UPS will protect electronic devices from power changes which can cause harm or degrade your equipment.

This is due to the UPS power system regulating voltage instability by providing a constant power output. Over the course of a number of years this can noticeably reduce repair or maintenance costs.

Effective UPS Solution

3. Surge Protection:

A UPS power system continuously tracks incoming voltage and detects fluctuations and pulses that trigger outages. If dangerous situations occur, the UPS will turn to AC power, preventing the spike from hitting the attached devices. When the surge has passed, the UPS reconnects its supply to the mains control.

4. Prevents Financial Loss:

How much does decreased productivity cost? What is the cost of recreating or restoring lost data?

The installation of a UPS does not affect the function of your workstations, only safeguarding it. This is especially important if you are working on a tight deadline, dealing with sensitive data/information, or any of a number of other scenarios.

Not to mention businesses which are customer centric and where providing a good customer experience is essential…a loss of reputation or giving the impression of being technologically unreliable could cause long term reputation damage.

5. Allows for the Possibility of backing up Critical Data:

A UPS solution would allow workers to backup sensitive data and shut down workstations and devices, avoiding data loss.

Power outages are instantaneous, and it is not uncommon for admin based roles to not have a day to day information backup system in place.

A UPS would substitute for such a system by providing peace of mind, knowing that if an electrical incident occurred there would be an appropriate window of time to take saving measures.

When purchasing a UPS, it is important to choose the best choice for your needs.

This risk is eliminated by installing an uninterruptible power supply for your phone.

Act now to take advantage of the opportunity to reduce future risks. A UPS, like other forms of insurance, offers coverage in the event of an accidental occurrence that has the potential to harm your company.

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