Switchgear is an electrical power system. An electrical switchgear is made up of electrical disconnect switches, fuses, or circuit breakers.

All of these are used to control, protect, and isolate electrical equipment for the purpose of safety. Having Switchgears built into your electrical power system allows you to de-energize equipment to allow work to be carried out safely to prevent injuries. It can also allow you to clear any faults there may be downstream.

Primarily, the Switchgear is automated to protect and mainly includes a circuit breaker and the relay. This relay will then fire up and come into action when it detects a fault in the system. This will usually then close the trip circuit to which is then programmed to automatically disconnect from the faulty line.

This is to prevent further damage or short circuiting. If this is to happen, it can cause excessive damage to the apparatus and will in turn disrupt the users.

There are three types of Switchgears which can be used within the electrical power system. These include high voltage, low voltage, and medium voltage. Each of these different types of Switchgears have a different role to play to maintain the safety and smooth running of the usage of electricity

Know About Switchgear

Low Voltage Switchgears usually have a maximum power capacity to 1 KV. Each one consists of low voltage switches, HRC fuses, earth leakage circuit breakers, offload electrical insulators, moulded case circuit breakers and miniature circuit breakers.

All these accessories are required to protect the low voltage system and maintain its use. This can provide protection against thermal and mechanical overload from a short circuit current.

Medium Voltage Switchgears are classed to have three KV to 36 KV. Many of these Switchgears have many different types within themselves. Some may be metal enclosed indoor types, indoor or outdoor type without metal enclosure around.

However, they are usually a metal enclosed outdoor type of Switchgear when it is a medium voltage. These should be able to perform several operations such as, switching capacitive currents and short circuit current interruptions.

Switchgears Keep Us Safer

The last but largest Switchgear is the High Voltage Switchgear. This power system can control voltage powered over 36KV. Due to the voltage being high on these Switchgears, additional care is taken during the manufacturing of these. When creating these Switchgears, the major part is the high voltage circuit breaker. This maintains safety and smooth running.

When having a Switchgear, you must make sure that they are regularly checked and that their maintenance records are up to date. This is paramount for not only your safety but everyone around you, but also to maintain the smooth running and to allow it to correctly perform.

When a Switchgear is installed, it is ideal for it to be placed in a well ventilated, air-conditioned environment. This will help keep maintenance down. However, when the plant is shut down, the Switchgear will require thorough and significant inspections.

This may include checks such as observing the overload settings and identifying contact wear or identify any signs of possible overheating and checking for any potential dirt or corrosion.

Due to the high voltages which may travel through any type of Switchgear, a lot of concentration and focus must go into every single check. They must be thorough, and you must pay close attention whilst doing so. Whilst you are checking over them, you must be checking that everything meets the criteria and the current specifications in which the manufacturer has laid out.

Know About Switchgears

A number of various places may contain a Switchgear such as an industrial power distribution factory. A Switchgear here will help to ensure that there is an organised and improved amount of power distributed within the machines across the industrial unit. However, you must pay close attention for any signs of overload or surges of electric.

Another business you may find a Switchgear operating is a solar power generator. This will ensure that the flow of electrical currents from the main unit will be regulated and there is not electric surging through the lines.

Wherever we may be, things are powered by electric all around us. Electric is a vital part to our daily life. Working or our home life. That is why we must make sure that it is the safest we can possibly make it.

Electricity distribution must be carried out in a safe and secure manner and to make sure everything is done correctly. Although technology is evolving, and things are becoming more technical as the years go on. We must make sure that safety is paramount, and we don’t rely on technology 100% for safety.

As numerous mechanisms may help keep us safe from electrical connections, it is still recommended that the use of Switchgear is potentially advisable due to its features and functions.


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