If you have handed your notice in to your current employer and they present you with a counteroffer, what should you do? Should you take it, or should you continue to leave?

We are here to discuss the downsides of accepting a counteroffer from your employer and why we recommend you shouldn’t do it!

What Is A Counteroffer?

A counteroffer is an offer made in response to another.

If you have handed in your resignation at your current employment and your boss provides you with an offer, whether this is a pay rise, promotion, or other beneficial package to encourage you to stay, this would be classed as a counteroffer. But why shouldn’t you take this offer and stay where you are working?

It is believed that a major factor for people resigning is down to finding a higher wage elsewhere or a job which provides more rewards and recognition. However, these two reasons can be quite easily turned into a counteroffer and persuade you to stay in your current employment.

Downsides Of Accepting A Counteroffer

Are You Certain That Things Will Change?

Whilst we briefly brushed upon two reasons as to why we might hand our notice in, there is one more factor which contributes to a notice being handed over. Studies show that 75% of people have handed their notice in due to clashes with their employers.

An employer can offer you a counteroffer by persuading you that actions will be put into place and things will change if you were to stay, but the question you should be asking yourself is…will things really change?

If you have mentioned to your employer that you feel unappreciated, undervalued, or there are altercations between you and another employer, chances are your boss will come up with ways to resolve this if you were to stay. This is a counteroffer!

However, if these altercations have been going on for some time and they have yet to be resolved, the chances of this ever happening or procedures put in place are very slim, just because you have agreed to stay.

When you hand your notice in, there is usually a reason for this, and it is important to remember this throughout!

By agreeing to stay, you have let your guard down and allowed your boss to have an advantage on you. Remember to stay strong and stand your ground!

Are You Protecting Your Happiness By Staying?

If your employer asks you to stay, will you remain happy working there?

This is the question you must ask yourself if you are offered a counteroffer for staying. There will always be a reason which has led you to hand your notice in, whether this is due to salary, change of profession, or any other reason.

By accepting any counteroffers given to you, are you putting the reason which led you to leaving behind you and, subsequently forgetting about your happiness?

This can be a major downside to accepting a counteroffer as you have potentially turned down a fresh start and endless possibilities to stay in the job which you were going to leave.

When being offered a counteroffer, do not accept straight away, instead consider the pros and cons to this decision first.

Turning Down A Counteroffer

Is The Money Really Worth It?

Chances are that your employer is going to offer you a pay rise as a counteroffer, but does that pay rise justify the reason which has led you to leave?

Whilst a pay rise can be a great thing to receive, it doesn’t always solve the root cause of the issues.

If they are willing to give you a pay rise as a way to prevent you from leaving, why weren’t they paying you that wage prior to you handing your notice in?

This is something you must consider before accepting the pay rise. If your employer is willing to increase your wages, do they truly believe that you are worth this wage or are they paying you this to stay… chances are it is unfortunately the latter one.

Did You Know That Your Job Footing Becomes Less Stable If You Accept A Counteroffer?

By accepting a counteroffer, you are more susceptible to redundancy if your employer requires to make cuts across your team. After handing your notice in, your boss is aware that you have tried to leave and are potentially still considering it if a better opportunity comes along.

Therefore, once you have accepted a counteroffer, be aware that your job may not be safe, and you will more than likely be at the top of your employers list of potential dismissals. Afterall, they may no longer consider you as faithful or committed to your job.

Unfortunately, there is often only one reason which your employer has offered you the counteroffer and this is not for your benefit. Instead, they have probably offered you this to cover your position until they manage to find somebody to replace you.

If you accept a counteroffer and turn down another position elsewhere, is this job really worth losing that opportunity for, and are you certain that you are safe and secure staying?

Make That Leap

Finally, making that leap to a new job can be daunting and require a lot of courage. If you have managed to make that step, it shows that you are ready for a fresh start and a new challenge.

We understand that it can be daunting stepping out of your comfort zone and starting a new job, but a new career can be a great step in the right direction for a new start! If you are considering leaving, follow your instincts and do not let anybody talk you out of it.

Whilst you may be given a great counteroffer, sometimes a clean slate and a new beginning is what you really need. Therefore, it is time to tackle new challenges head on and begin a new chapter!

Deciding What Is Best For You

This choice is based on your future, only you can make the right decision!

You know yourself better than anybody on whether you are ready for a new career, or perhaps just a new company, you must remain determined and not falter at any counteroffers.

Whilst they might seem like a great idea at the time, they do come with their own implications. For this reason, it is paramount that you consider all your possible options and outcomes before accepting anything or making any decisions.

Always ensure that you have all the relevant information from your current employer along with your potential new employer!

Weigh all of your options up and choose the best outcome for yourself! Remember everything we have mentioned in this blog and always ask questions to your employer about the counteroffer they have given you before accepting anything!

If you do decide to move on from your current employer then also check out ltekrecruitment.com/how-to-professionally-give-your-notice 

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