HV Engineers, also known as High Voltage Engineers, work in HV Engineering and are specialists in and installing high voltage electricals. They can work with both low voltage and high voltage electrical equipment. These may include Switchgears, main units, and circuit breakers.

To be a high voltage electrician, you will need to go through vigorous training and qualifications. You will also need previous experience in standard engineering and slowly work your way up the careers ladder, gaining experience as you go.

There are different ways to become a high voltage engineer. One of the ways is gaining a position as an apprentice engineer. By doing this, you will gain a vast amount of knowledge and learn everything you need to know.

HV Engineering

Whilst you are completing your apprenticeship, you could put yourself forward for additional training alongside your current course.

These different training courses may lead to exams which will give you a better chance of becoming a high voltage engineer further down your career path.

There are many different sectors within HV engineering which you may part take in. these may include installing new high voltage electricity connections or testing and inspecting high voltage. Another aspect of the job could include lighting towers or fixed plant equipment.

HV Engineering Can Be a Varied Job

When you become a high voltage engineer, every day will be different when you arrive to work. With the skills and knowledge, you will have gained, you will be able to locate any faults there may be in wind turbines or high voltage network operators.

As power is so important for everyday life, it is important you can detect problems and work to a fixed time scale to maintain your efficiency within the job.

HV Engineering

Being a high voltage engineer will lead you down many different avenues. Whether that be designing, planning, or constructing phases, there will be many different projects for you to work on.

For example, you may be approached on helping plan, design, and construct a new wind turbine farm or you may need to replace.

HV Electrical Engineers Salary Range

For a High Voltage Electrical Engineer, the national average annual salary in the United Kingdom is £38,474.

HV Engineering,Power Lines

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