One of the best ways in which the average person can help reduce their carbon footprint and help combat climate change is to convert to electric cars. Over the years, electric cars have become more and more popular as have Car Charging Points.

This is highlighted by the statistics showing 175,000 electric vehicles being registered within the UK – a growth factor of over 66%. This jump occurred in a time when the occurrence of covid would be thought to negatively impact this growth.

With such an undeniable upward swing in popularity more and more car companies are making the transition to electric, with most manufacturers offering their own range of electric vehicles. It is reported that on estimate there is 200 models of electric cars available for purchase globally.

Due to the everlasting growth and popularity on electric cars, the demand for electric car charging points has also rocketed. This means that more car charging points had to be distributed in the UK at destination such as: supermarkets, shopping centres and hotels. Due to so much demand, in 15,500 locations, there are reported to be 42,000 charging points located.

Car Charging Points

In 2020, around 7,000 charge point connectors were added in the UK. This means that there are more public places to charge your car than there are petrol stations. There are also thousands of free electric cars charging points within the UK.

However, there may be some restrictions on how long you can charge your vehicle free of charge. Some places may require an in-store purchase so prior to charging, it is always best to check.

If you are looking at purchasing an electric vehicle, you may wonder how long it takes to charge one. As this is a very important factor in owning one yourself. Unlike filling your car up with petrol or diesel, which only takes you a few minutes, charging your car can take you a lot longer.

This charging period is dependent on a number of factors and how low your battery is before you start charging it. Much like charging your phone after a long day at work, you may want to consider charging your vehicle over-night. This can be convenient and time-efficient for yourself.

If you are one of them people who wait for the fuel gauge to flash low fuel, your electric vehicle will take longer to charge than it would for a person who does not allow their fuel level to get lower than half a tank.

Because of this, having a charging point located at your home address can be more convenient for yourself for charging your vehicle. This is due to not having the inconvenience of going to a petrol station to stand and fill up your car. Switching to an electric car, you may find that you keep your battery topped up as you may fill it after every journey when you arrive home. 

Also take note of the fact that lithium-ion batteries have been proven to perform better in warmer weathers which means you may find that you can travel slightly further in the warmer months than you can in the colder seasons. When it becomes colder, your range of miles may drop slightly.

Prospective owners should also consider the initial expenditure needed to purchase an electric car. Currently they are more expensive to purchase on average than a petrol or diesel variant, however, they have multiple features which will save you money in the long term.

Firstly, they are more effective to run. Vanarama found that the annual running costs for an electric car is noticeably cheaper, averaging out at £1,742 (£33.50 per week), which is 21% cheaper than the running costs of a comparable petrol model which would cost £2,205 per year (£42.40 per week). This cost can be even lower if you charge at a free charging port or using solar PV systems.

Car Charging Points

Another advantage for anyone living, or regularly driving in London is if you are driving a pure electric vehicle, you will be completely exempt from any congestion charges. This is thanks to electric vehicles not giving out any emissions. You also do not have to pay any Road Tax due to having no tailpipe fumes and being zero emission.

Another prominent advantage of owning an electric vehicle is the lower maintenance costs. This is because there are less parts to an electric vehicle than a fuel-based vehicle. There is no valves, cylinders, or gaskets for you to worry about breaking whilst you are driving along.

Your electric vehicle is basically wheels breaks and a battery! Due to this, your chances of breaking down are significantly decreased and you do not need to check your oil levels. This means no nasty surprises with breakdown costs.

The Demand For Car Charging Points Have Risen

Electric cars can help reduce carbon dioxide which in turn can help reduce the risk of ill-health due to air pollution from the fumes of fuel run vehicles.

During 2019 34% of our annual C02 emissions came from transportation! This can lead to severe damage to our Climate Change. Noise pollution can also be decreased if electric cars were to become the norm. Less noise pollution means quieter nights and better sleeping quality for road adjacent citizens.

As more and more manufacturers have become interested in the development of electric vehicles, they are becoming more and more stylish and more popular.

Brands like Tesla have taken a long time to improve and design their cars and have improved people’s perceptions on electric vehicles. Tesla now have one of the fastest- accelerating cars on the market.

If you are ready to upgrade your car and would like to make a change to the carbon footprint. Maybe you would like to cut your costs so you can save up for that holiday you have always dreamt of. Then now is the time to treat yourself to an electric car and save money and reduce C02 pollution.

Car Charging

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