Renewable energy is growing more and more as the years go on and the demand for renewable energy is increasing. This is all down to the damage we are causing our environment and the noticeable shift in climate change.

This means that the demand for jobs within the renewable energy sector is growing increasingly popular and more socially encouraged.

Whilst you may be raring to go, and want to join an industry which is making positive strides towards helping the planet, you may end up asking yourself “How in the world can I enter the Renewable Energy Job Industry?”

Fortunately, we have broken down the fundamental steps and considerations to help you get started.

Which Job Is Right for Me?

Due to the increasing demand for jobs within the renewable energy sector, you will never be stuck for finding employment opportunities. A number of the job categories you can choose from within renewable energy are:

Office Staff


Health and Safety




It is important to factor in all the positives which can come with each job, as well as considering the negatives which you may face along the way.

These considerations can be things such as how far you have to commute, do you have to travel to different countries regularly, and would the work entail unusual shift patterns.

Always do your research for each category and which one you are most drawn too.

I’ve Chosen My Field, Now What Do I Do?

Once you have decided on a job category, it’s time for you to pick a specific role within this job. But it may not be as easy as you think. The renewable energy sector requires a lot of skills and knowledge due to the job being very demanding and certain aspects of jobs can hold their own degree of risk.  

This doesn’t mean that you cannot apply for these jobs. It does however mean that you may not be able to start at that job straight away. Instead, you will need to start at the job underneath to further develop your knowledge and skills.

Alternatively, you can contact the company which have the job position you are interested in and explain the situation. You can explain that, whilst you don’t have the experience or training that they require you to have, you are more than willing to put the extra time in alongside work and gain them extra skills and training they require.

This will not only show that you are committed to the job, but you are passionate and willing to put the extra work in. Most employers love this and some will agree to take you on whilst you train alongside.

If you have done all your research on the specific job you have chosen, it’s time to apply.

One great way of applying to a new job is to find a recruitment agency such as us at Ltek Recruitment who specialise in a number of sectors. Agencies such as our own will be able to help and support you through the whole journey and find you the best job which is suited to you most.

A Beginner’s Guide to A Career in The Renewable Energy Sector

I Got a Job in Renewable Energy

Now you have secured a job in renewable energy, it’s time to start looking at what it is like to work in this sector. In its simplest form, working for this sector is challenging but rewarding with numerous practical and desired skills being cultivated alongside desirable pay. By being involved in renewable energy, you are making a different to the world and climate change, which we need to do!

No matter what job you have gone for, it is important to remember why you chose this role. Like any job, for it to become successful and for you to be happy, you need to love what you do and be passionate about it. If you aren’t passionate or happy, you will burn out quickly and not give your all to the job. You need to apply for all the right reasons and not because this sector is a growing trend.

This sector can be very difficult both physically and mentally, so it is important that you are 100% committed before you apply and get stuck in a job you are unhappy with. But, if you give this job your all and you stick to it, you can achieve great things and go very far.

Are There Opportunities in This Sector for Development?

Due to the ever-increasing demand for jobs within this sector, the opportunities can be endless and the chance to develop will always be there. The harder you work, the higher the chance you have of progressing up the career ladder.

No matter what job sector you are in, you need to work hard to get wherever you need to be. Similar to renewable energy, but in certain sectors you may find this slightly harder due to the number of other employees there are within the sector.

Stand out from the rest of the crowd, go above and beyond, and always be willing to learn are all great ways for you to develop and move up. As well as doing all these things, show compassion and passion towards your job.

Nobody wants to employ somebody or offer them promotions if they are not passionate about their job or the company they work for. These people are less likely to promote the business and support it throughout the process.

A Beginner’s Guide to A Career in The Renewable Energy Sector

Starting In the Renewable Energy Sector

When you start a new job which is different from any job you have worked in before, it will all be very new and fresh for you.

To help get you through the initial starting process, we recommend you find out everything you can, not only on the specific job you are applying for, but also as general research on what renewable energy is and what it entails.

Learn all about the different sectors within and what some of the jargon is what is used in renewable energy. This will give you a head start in your new job and hopefully allow you to feel happier and confident as you start your new adventure.

Make a Change

If you work in the renewable engineering sector, you can feel proud and accomplished that you are making a difference to the world. With each year what goes by, we are making small progress in cleaning the planet we live on.

It is reported that the contribution of energy created by renewable power is now sat at 43% and by 2035, the UK is aiming for 100% renewable energy powering our homes and business’s…imagine contributing towards this!

Renewable energy is going to be a great success for the future, and it can only increase as the years go on and more things are powered from renewable sources. This means more and more jobs will be created.

If you have a keen eye for renewable energy and you are passionate about making the world a better place, get a career in this sector and help make change.

A Career In Renewable Energy

Job Hunting?

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