Over time, different job markets and industry application standards have become more and more competitive. With many job roles now accepting applications from all parts of the country it has become more important than ever for job candidates to stand out from their counterparts in the eyes of the recruiters.

So, how do you make yourself stand out from the crowd?

How can you demonstrate that you are willing to go above and beyond – that you both desire and deserve the job more than your competitors?

Below are 5 ways we have seen be used through our recruitment agency which has helped people get hired:

Fashion Yourself to be the Ideal Job Candidates Fit for a Role

The average time it takes to scan a job advert is around 9 seconds! By tailoring your CV to the requirements of the job, you can ensure that you stand out from the crowd and attract the attention of the hiring manager.

Interviewing for a job is an opportunity to meet the people who work for the company and hear their feedback on how they solved their problems. This is also a great way to introduce new ideas for solving their problems.

When interviewing for a job, it is important to show interest in the company and its people. Research the company thoroughly to ensure you have all the necessary information to ask the right questions. Use your first interview to ask the right questions and show your interest in the company.

When interviewing, candidates will also be interested in hearing about the company’s solutions and how these are being used. You should thoroughly research the company before interviewing to ensure you have plenty of time to prepare for the interview. Also, ask plenty of probing questions to show your interest in the organization.

Embrace the company brand at every opportunity. Use the logo, font, imagery, and colours of the company in any presentation you have to conduct, this will not go amiss by your interviewers.

Researching the competitors and discussing differences between them and the company you are applying to will also highlight your interest.

Use your interviews as a way to cement your credibility as a candidate. By approaching the interview as if it were a strategy meeting where the company’s executives are discussing the company’s future, you will be able to impress the interviewers and cement your position as the best possible candidate.

Where possible leave behind a portfolio and handouts of any presentation or tasks to keep the positive first impression around for days after you leave their premises.

Job Candidates: Ideal Company Fit

Create a Killer Cover Letter

The ability to differentiate yourself with an impressive cover letter is a critical step in obtaining a new job. This is your time to showcase your unique skills to the firm and emphasise your significance to the overall organisation.

There is a great deal of relevancy when it comes to knowing how to write a fantastic cover letter. While reviewing the person specification, you may find it valuable to go through each line, item by item, to see if you can verify that you have sufficient abilities and experience for the position.

As the saying goes, “the proof of the pudding is in the eating.” Accordingly, have actual instances of your past achievements to substantiate your skills.

Use Personal Communication to your Advantage

Every individual involved in the interview process, from the candidates to the interviewers, to the managers and executives, will have their own personal interests. Unfortunately, it is much harder to discover the interests of those on the other side of the process as they are not being assessed during the recruitment process.

Whilst remaining professional, avoid becoming too focused on the details of the process and remember that every person that you encounter during the hiring process is a unique person.

Remember and use the names of everyone involved in the interview process, asking probing and engaged questions to create a rapport.

Having a thorough knowledge of the job market you should aim to communicate your interest at every opportunity. Make sure to show your gratitude for the time and effort that was invested in the recruitment process and those conducting it. Doing so will emphasise desirable traits such as amicability and sociability in teams.

Keep in close contact with every hiring manager and interviewer involved, being proactive in reaching out to them at every stage of the process and thanking them for their support.

To separate yourself even further choose something which was stated in a previous interview and to express your appreciation for learning about it and are looking forward to discussing it next time.

Job Candidate Emailing Potential Boss

Build your own Brand

You know yourself better than anybody else, so who could be better to sell you as a viable candidate?

Determine your Unique Selling Point to develop your own personalised brand that helps you stand out above hundreds of other job seekers. To put it another way, what special talents, expertise, and experience distinguish you as a strong candidate?

What distinguishes you from the competition, and how will your unique selling proposition help you succeed in the new position? Use your USP to create a two-sentence summary for your CV, job applications, and online profiles, as well as to guide your elevator pitch when interacting with recruiters on the phone and preparing for interviews.

Build a strong brand presence across social and digital channels, as well as job boards, once you’ve made your personal profile: your hiring manager will most likely Google you and look around at your online presence, so make it as enjoyable and simple for them to access your professional information as possible.

Make sure your LinkedIn and other social accounts are up to date and take use of professional LinkedIn and Facebook groups to increase your brand recognition by participating in discussions about your sector and job title.

Consider sending a ‘pain letter’ instead of a cover letter together with your CV and application. This letter focuses on an issue that your potential employer is facing — for example, trade constraints caused by Brexit, new rules, rapid business growth with limited knowledge in possible expansion sectors – and promotes you as the solution.

A pain letter not only makes a strong, lasting first impression by highlighting your unique abilities and expertise, but it also exhibits industry expertise and the capacity to think creatively, all of which are sure to wow executives and recruiters.

Have Great Body Language

When it comes to how to stand out in a job interview, your body language is crucial. It’s human nature for others to assess you based on your appearance before anything else. And the hiring manager or interviewer will have an opinion of you after only a few seconds of meeting you.

This isn’t just about making a good first impression; it will also influence how they respond to everything you say during the interview.

It will give you a tremendous boost if you sit up straight and keep good eye contact when providing interview replies.
If you’re slouched over and staring down or to the side while talking, your response will be less remarkable, even if you said everything correctly!

Try to come across as confident and excited to be there, rather than afraid or frightened. Keep a pleasant grin on your face, as seen in the photograph.

Dress professionally, make eye contact, and sit up straight. Show curiosity by leaning forward slightly. Tap your feet, don’t tap your hands, and don’t do anything else that will take your attention away from the talk. You can find more on body language recommendations here if you need help developing and adopting these behaviours.

Job Candidate showing good Body Language

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