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UPS Engineering Jobs

UPS Engineering Jobs Overview

UPS, otherwise known as Uninterrupted Power Supplies, provides your main power source a temporary amount of backup power in case it crashes, or the voltage drops below minimum levels. This will allow the computers to keep running for a short period of time.   

By installing a UPS system, you can be guaranteed that the computers and other connected equipment will be able to shutdown properly and without losing any data.

On top of this it will also help to prevent any damage being caused to your systems.

Depending on the time frame your UPS will supply power for will determine the size and set up of the system.

The Average Day Of A UPS Engineer/UPS Installation Engineer

These systems are vital to any business which use them. Being a UPS engineer means that they will rely on you and put their trust with yourself to ensure that they are correctly operating and if anything is to go wrong, you will be on hand to rectify the issue immediately.

The jobs you can expect to see whilst being an installer or engineer of UPS systems can vary but the main tasks involve, installing, maintaining, and repairing.

Being an installer means that you will often be assessing the area where these systems are being installed and the potential health and safety risks.

With many different scenarios where UPS may be installed, you will be required to evaluate the regular source of power and the reason it is required. By doing this, you will be able to gage which size and set up to install.

UPS engineers install, service, and repair all UPS systems for clients whether this is for commercial use or personal. They will make sure that the UPS is well ventilated, and the room is the appropriate temperature.

When you are installing a UPS system, there shouldn’t be any windows in the room or frequently has a high level of moisture in there. You should also choose a room where the temperature is controlled separately from the rest of the building.

Any system which appears to be down, or malfunctioning will require assistance immediately before further damage is created. 

Many UPS engineering firms offer around the clock care and support to all clients. This means that you may be required to work out-of-hours and weekends.

Once a client has reported an issue with the system, you will be required to address the fault and repair it with minimal disruptions to their day. 

Along with repairs, regular servicing and maintenance will be a part of your working day and this can include replacing old batteries.

The Skills Desired For UPS Engineers/

UPS Installation Engineer

The most important skill to start with is communication within your team and to your client’s whist carrying out a job.

This job involves a high level of risk towards anybody involved, especially if communication isn’t up to standards.

If messages are missed or interpreted incorrectly, the level of danger increases, and injuries or fatalities can be caused. Constant communication whilst working is the key to success.

A desirable skill to put on your CV is your knowledge on UPS systems. Whilst you may have not worked in this industry as of yet, showing that you have an understanding, and you are willing to learn will help your CV stand out from the rest of the crowd! We have covered hard skills and soft skills to add to you CV over on our website. 

Working with clients will often be a large part of your day, so great communication skills are admirable and may be the difference between being offered a job or not.

Whilst we have mentioned many of the standard skills required to be a UPS engineer or a UPS installation engineer, many of the skills required can all depend on the level you enter at.

For example, if you are entering from the bottom rungs, your skillset will not be judged against somebody applying for a job at the top of the careers ladder. Once you have successfully acquired a job in this sector, your skillset will grow as the years go by. 

Whether you start at the bottom, middle, or top of the career ladder, understanding UPS and the benefits it can provide businesses and other users is key. The more knowledge you gain, the easier you should find it to progress.

Qualifications Needed To Become A UPS Engineer/UPS Installation Engineer

One way to become a UPS Engineer/UPS Installation Engineer is to go through university and achieve a diploma or a bachelor’s degree.

Once you have obtained this qualification, you can begin to move closer to your end goal.

Whilst you are studying in university, a great thing to do would apply for a part time job or work experience to provide yourself with as much information as possible!

You do not get paid to do work experience; but you will gain a multitude of knowledge which can help you towards your final dream job!

One thing to remember is the different fields of engineering there are. For instance, to become a UPS engineer, it is desirable to have experience in field engineering. Whereas, if you are heading towards aerospace, mechanical engineering is the one for you!

The Average Salary Of A UPS Engineer/UPS Installation Engineer

Engineering comes with a heightened risk to anybody involved and requires a certain level of skill as well as knowledge.

If you are starting at the lower end of the career chain, your average wage can be up to £31,000 per year whilst the average wage is £35,000 per year at £17.95 per hour.

Once you are on the career ladder and becoming more experienced, the higher you get, the higher your salary will get. On average experienced UPS engineers can expect up to £47,500 per year!

The wage of a UPS installation engineer is slightly lower as the average wage is £27,500 per year at £14.10 per hour. The lower end of this job is £25,875 per year and the higher end of this job can see you with £35,500 per year. 

This sector is not for the light-hearted, but it is certainly rewarding and a very successful one if you stick to it. Many opportunities to be taken and plenty of room to grow whilst picking up knowledge along the way! 

If you are keen to starting your journey to become a UPS Engineer/Ups Installation Engineer, submit a CV to our technical recruitment specialists and we will help you get to where you need to be!

Alternatively, if you think you are ready to become a UPS Engineer and already have previous experience, apply today for one of our vacancies!

UPS Engineering Jobs - UPS System

Interested In A Career In UPS Engineering Or UPS Installation Engineering?

If after having read this you are interested in this industry and would like to see what potential career openings and opportunities are available, submit your CV to us and we will help you progress through your UPS Engineering journey!

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