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Solar Energy Jobs

Solar Energy Jobs and Working In The Industry

Working in solar energy can provide you with a range of different jobs along with a range of other locations to work in. Whether you are interested in installation, maintenance, or sales, there are jobs all over the country within this industry.

After a report released at the end of 2020 from the UK Government, it was stated that around 970,000 UK homes have solar panels installed.

Whilst this number may seem large, this only equates for 3.3% of UK homes harvesting electricity from solar energy. As for solar farms, just under 500 were counted at the end of 2020 and the largest one was creating 72.2 megawatts every year across 250 acres.

Skills, Qualities, And Capabilities Needed For Solar Energy

This is not a simple or straightforward job. Working in renewable energy requires a forward, fast thinker who has gained experience over the years working within this industry.

Other skills which will be required is the ability to work in a team and having a strong technical knowledge in a specific area.

At times this industry could involve jobs which involve exposure to risk, therefore being able to follow instructions and having the knowledge behind you can prevent any misfortunes happening.

A strong candidate should show a willingness to learn about the industry and constantly expanding your knowledge about solar energy, By completing research about solar energy, it will show a commitment and interest which will help you progress up the ladder.

One key quality which should be considered is strong communication skills. There is a very high possibility that a candidate will be required to communicate with potential clients or already existing customers. Good communication skills will play a pivotal role in the successful installation of solar panels.

Where You Might Work In The Solar Energy Industry

There are many different areas within the solar energy industry which employ, depending which aspect of the industry interests you most.

From sales to installation and maintenance, there really is an area for almost anybody to venture into. If you are working in the sales or administration team, you may work in one location and travelling for work may be a rather rare scenario.

However, if you are working for the installation and maintenance team you can expect a variety of scenarios whilst working.

Certain companies may travel up and down the country installing and maintaining their solar panels to farms or domestic locations. No two jobs can be the same.

Qualifications Required For The Solar Energy Industry

There are many ways in which you can gain access to the solar energy industry. One of these ways can be through an apprenticeship. However, in order to gain access to this industry you will still be required to have 4 GCSEs at grades A* to C which should include Math’s and English.

An apprenticeship is available for anybody over the age of 16 and can be a brilliant way to gain experience, qualifications, along with potentially having a job at the end of it.

Sometimes apprenticeships can be great to try out an industry in which you have not had any prior experience.  You can trial it and have a taster without being contracted into a full-time job.

Another qualification you can gain prior to obtaining a job in this industry is going through college. This will give you a qualification and the choice of looking for a job or going to university.

If you decide to go to college, a course which includes electrical installation can be beneficial to your process of gaining access into the solar panel installation.

Salaries In The Solar Industry

Similar to many jobs out there, salaries can massively fluctuate depending on the level you enter, the sector you have chosen, and the qualifications you have obtained, along with the years of experience.

For a recently trained solar panel installer, you can earn up to £17,000 annually, whereas an experienced member of the team can expect to earn up to £36,000 a year.

Once you start to make your way up the ladder, you may experience pay rises as well as many more opportunities. This job is making a huge difference to our planet and is providing us with many beneficial factors. By working within this industry, you too can make a positive difference to the world!

Solar Energy Jobs - Panel Installation

Interested In A Career In The Solar Energy Industry?

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