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Refrigeration Engineer Jobs

Refrigeration Engineer Jobs

Have you ever thought about becoming a refrigeration engineer but don’t know the best way to get started in this niche employment area? Well you don’t need to wonder anymore.

We have split this career path into a number of sections to help anybody who has an interest but is unsure of the requirements…just know that it isn’t uncommon to have loads of questions but no adequate answers. That’s where we come in!

There are many refrigeration engineers jobs out there which are waiting to be filled…so let’s delve into this employment position!

A Day In The Life Of A Refrigeration Engineer

A typical refrigeration engineer will work on commercial, residential, public, and industrial projects. These can include transportation and storage.

During a typical day, you can expect to survey areas prior to a cooling system being fitted, assess plan layouts where pipework and components need installing, as well as dealing with customers.

It all depends on which niche and focus the company you are employed by specialises in. This could be for industrial-sized refrigerating systems which typically include walk-in fridges or on the smaller end of the scale which is home units.

Many engineers are also qualified in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning which will stand you in better stead in the number of positions and areas you can be employed. Many refrigeration engineers are expected to install HVAC systems as well as refrigeration systems.

HVAC units can be installed in homes, offices, and apartment buildings. Installation should be completed comprehensively and safely in accordance with feedback and instructions from employers, colleagues, and clients.

Whilst installing these systems, they will be connecting water and coolant pipes, air ducts, and electrical wires. Once installed, these systems require regular servicing as well as maintenance and repairs carried out.

This entails troubleshooting a system, dismantling motors and electrical parts and repair any issues they might find on the way.  

Your day can be different one day from the next and often require travel from each client you attend. Along with travelling in the local area, certain companies will have clients further afield which may require assistance from time to time.

You could be expected to travel around the country, installing, servicing, and carry out emergency repairs on refrigeration systems.

The Skills and Capabilities Required To Be a Refrigeration Engineer

As with all engineering jobs, a number of skills and capabilities are required to ensure that the job is carried out safely and efficiently. This may seem obvious but still should be emphasised due to how important it is and the associated consequences.

Being able to understand and operate Microsoft Word and Excel can become a significant part of your daily working life. Whether this is reading briefings, doing paperwork, or looking at current stock, being computer literate will save you time, energy and prevent confusion in your job.

When it comes to the manual side of this industry, it is paramount that you are capable of following instructions, communicating with other members in your team, and understanding blueprints, diagrams, and inventory.

Not following instructions or communicating with your team can lead to serious health and safety hazards which can put you, your team, and your clients in serious danger. Naturally if you are unable to correctly understand specific work-related images then it can result in serious consequences, both to people’s safety and financial abilities.

Having a driving licences and car on hand is highly desirable as mentioned before you will be required to do some, or perhaps a lot of travelling. For some employers, whilst you are learning the ropes and undergoing training, not being able to drive is less of an issue as you can expect to be shadowing an advanced employee who has been working there for a considerable amount of time.

Qualifications and Requirements Needed For Refrigerator Engineer Jobs

Many roles in this sector require you to have obtained an F-Gas Certification, unless you are solely working on refrigerated trucks and trailers or cars and vans mobile air-conditioning.

If you would like to go straight into this sector as a full-time employee as opposed to an apprentice, there will be more qualifications required.

Firstly, you will need experience. Nearly all employers will ask for previous experience working in this sector or some sector which is closely linked.

This means display that you have an understanding and are capable of beginning the less complex tasks quickly. Experience can often be just as beneficial to a company as can any paper qualification.

Sufficient experience shows that you have spent time in this industry, gained a strong understanding of the sector, and have practical experience in the hands-on side of the business.

Whilst experience is very much recommended, due to the nature of this sector certain qualifications will be required. Fortunately, starting as an apprentice will demand less qualifications.

Employers who are taking on apprentices will often ask for a certificate or evidence that a course has been completed in college which relates to this sector. This is to prove that you have a general understanding of the role.

The more in-depth experience you have gained over the years will mean the more complex tasks you can partake in which could lead to promotions and pay rises down the line.

A qualification which will not only give you a kick start in your new job, but also be seen as a requirement in many job openings is a refrigeration qualification. This can be done through City & Guilds.

Within this there is the option of a Level 2 Course or a Level 3 Course – each of these courses have a number of qualifications for you to complete.

 In the Level 2 Course, qualifications which you can complete are:

  • NVQ Diploma in Installing and Maintaining Refrigeration Systems
  • NVQ Diploma in Installing, Testing, and Maintaining Air-Conditioning and Heat Pump Systems.

This course is specifically aimed at individuals who are keen to work, install, and maintain refrigeration’s, air-conditioning, and heat pumps. It is ideal for individuals who have already started to gain relevant knowledge along with experience and skills to opt into this course.  

The level 3 Course will provide these qualifications:

  • NVQ Certificate in Servicing and Maintaining Air-Conditioning and Heat Pump Systems
  • NVQ Certificate in Installing and Commissioning Air-Conditioning and Heat Pump Systems
  • NVQ Diploma in Servicing and Maintaining Refrigeration Systems
  • NVQ Certificate in Installing and Commissioning Refrigeration Systems

Unlike the Level 2 Course, this one is aimed towards already employed refrigeration engineers who have gained much more skills and knowledge over a period of time.

Your safety record should highlight a positive trend of safe practice alongside minimal supervision. If you need to further your horizon and gain more qualifications, this course is the one!

The Average Salary A Refrigeration Engineer Earns

You can expect a refrigeration engineer to earn on average £35,000 per annum or £17.95 per hour.

Entry level engineers in this sector can expect to earn £31,000 per annum whilst more experienced members of the team can earn as much as £42,500 per annum. 

If you are keen to enter this sector and would like to become a refrigeration engineer, our team can guide you to success!

Submit your CV into our technical recruitment specialists and we will ensure that the process is smooth sailing for you!

Our figures prove how successful we have been since first operating and we aim to keep improving these statistics!

Have you been considering a career change but are too nervous to attend interviews? If so, we have just the thing for you!

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Refrigeration Engineer Jobs

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