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Jobs In EV Charging – Domestic, Industrial and Commercial

An Overview of EV Charging Jobs

There are many different routes you can take if you are interested In working with renewable energy and one of these routes which is becoming increasingly popular in the last few years is working in EV Charging.

With Electric vehicles becoming more mainstream, the demand for the more stations is becoming louder and louder. Across the UK, it has been reported that there is over 42,000 of these stations in more than 15,500 locations.

With the demand for charging points rising, the demand for jobs in this sector is also growing!

Within a typical day of working with electric vehicle charging you may be expected to install stations, carry out general maintenance on already fitted points, and potentially work away from home at sites across the UK.

In November 2021, there was 705,000 plug-in vehicles on our road, which means that there are many jobs to be offered out to individuals within this sector. along with a large variety of different tasks within a day.

The Skills And Capabilities It Will Take To Work With EV Charging Points

This job will require specific skills and qualifications to guarantee that you can work safely, both for yourself and others around you.

Fortunately, many jobs will provide you with the relevant on the job training meaning you can gain experience and qualifications whilst working at the same time.

It is important to know that many employers will initially require a certain degree of experience prior to your starting your role with them – unless you are starting as an apprentice.

Along with requiring a level of experience, your skills will play a massive role in achieving a successful position in a new job. You have to be enthusiastic, a problem solver, and somebody who is capable of working in a team. Put simply you need to be adaptable!

This is a fast paced and fast-growing industry which is constantly evolving to meet the current times – this in turn requires a level of speed and adaptability as a team.

Where You Can Be Expected To Work Installing EV Charging Points

This can all depend on your specific job title and the tasks you have been asked to complete on the day. This can include working in an office handling paperwork or out on sites installing, inspecting, or fitting EV Charging points.

Unfortunately, there may be times where you are required to travel and potentially work away. Therefore, flexibility is key and is always important to remember that your job can be anywhere.

Qualifications Required For EV Charging

A big requirement which you need prior to installing, inspecting, or fixing an EV Charging point is electrician experience, and above that is electrical qualifications.

This is because you are required to be registered with the Part P Scheme. This scheme helps installers comply with regulations and all safety standards. You will be expected to complete an assessment to prove your understanding and application.

You will also be required to hold a certificate which certifies you to fit electric vehicle charging points.

Also, due to the amount of travel which is associated with work with EV Charging, don’t be surprised if you are asked to show your new employer your full driving license, which should be clean.

The Benefits Of EV Charging And The Salary

Every job comes with its own set of perks, and you should find out what perks are available with a specific EV Charging Position.

Many EV Charging jobs will provide you with your own work mobile, uniform, PPE, and sometimes a company car. As well as all of these great benefits, you will also receive relevant training and qualifications.

The average salary of an EV Charging Technician is up to £40,000 for a basic salary. Additional bonuses can also be provided for installs done over the target set!

Whilst it can be a lengthy process to climb the ladder in EV charging, there can be many benefits along the way along with excellent training and knowledge learnt.

EV Charging Jobs - EV Point Nearly Full

Interested In A Career In EV Charging?

The EV Charging landscape is always changing meaning there are always new career openings and oportuities becoming available.

If after having read this you are interested in this industry, submit your CV to us and we will help you progress into the EV Charging sector!

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