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Chiller Engineer Jobs

Chiller Engineer Jobs Overview

Chiller engineer jobs may be a niche subsection within the engineering industry which doesn’t usually come to the forefront of people’s minds, but there are many lucrative positions out there which require capable, hardworking engineers to ensure that chillers and AC units are running smoothly, safely, and efficiently.

A chiller is typically used for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems which help cool down areas for occupants and industrial processes. 

The Typical Day For A Chiller Engineer

Being a chiller engineer can include a variety of different duties and responsibilities in their day-to-day roles. Make no mistake, the overall task for each day will involve managing commercial and retail chiller units.

During your typical day, you can be expected to repair, service, and carry out general maintenance of chiller and AC units for clients spread throughout the UK.

Once a chiller unit has been installed, regular maintenance checks will need to be performed.

This ensures that they are running and performing at the correct temperature, that there are no faults within the system, and all relevant safety standards are met.

These units are vital to many businesses and can help contribute to their smooth operations.

Unlike an Air Conditioning Unit, which is capable of cooling a single room down to a specific temperature and reducing humidity levels, a chiller unit is capable of cooling down a much larger area such as factory floors, arenas, and hotels.

Therefore, maintaining a chiller unit correctly is paramount for any business which uses them. After all, businesses have a duty of care for their customers and employees, and so must follow all of the relevant health and safety protocols.

If a buildings chiller unit is not performing correctly or has developed a fault, this can affect products, the surrounding environment and consequently a business’s reputation. Nobody is going to attend a venue or building if the humidity and temperature is unbearable.

Along with ensuring that the chiller unit is performing correctly and fixing any malfunctions you may find, paperwork and safety checks are just as important.

Making mistakes or not completing the correct paperwork can often lead to confusion for anyone who needs to check the forms and data afterwards – whether this be work colleagues or clients. Incorrect or incomplete paperwork can also lead to a higher risk of injury.

From time to time, depending on the company you work for, emergency repairs on units will be needed…this often means that you will be required to attend out of hours work calls.

When a chiller unit goes down, it can have a significant impact on hospitality sector businesses for example, with products being ruined, customers leaving, and an unbearable working environment being created for the staff present.

You be required to attend to your client, assess the situation and find the root cause to the malfunction. Once you have detected the issue, you will need to repair it as best as you can.

Sometimes, you may be faced with issues which are unable to be fixed straight away or require specific parts. Due to this, being able to think quickly on your feet and use your initiative is highly recommended. 

Skills And Ability Required For A Chiller Engineer Job

As with any engineering job, there are a certain number of skills which are paramount to complete a job safely and successfully. Two of these skills include logical thinking and the ability to work unsupervised. 

 When it comes to fixing a cooler which isn’t working properly, you never know the issue you will be faced with until you arrive. Unfortunately, problems are not always textbook repairs and strong analytical skills and adaptability will be needed to finish the job.

 It is important to remember that when you are carrying out a job, you should always prioritise safety and performance. Even in situations which are out of the norm, you should still follow protocols and procedures as closely as possible!

 We mentioned earlier that you will need to be able to work unsupervised, this is because many jobs you attend will be solo work and will require you to complete it yourself.

 There will be times where teamwork is required, and this is another vital skill you should have! Teamwork is crucial for any team!

 The engineering sector usually requires a degree of travelling to work sites throughout a working day. So, having a full clean driving licence is rather necessary for the success of the job. Unfortunately, many clients will be unable to bring their chiller units to the workshop, instead you must travel to them.

 You must also be able to attend emergency calls depending on what your work contract states, however, you may find a few companies which do not require this for new starters. 

Where You Are Expected To Work As A Chiller Engineer

Many businesses are home to a chiller unit which helps keep their operations running smoothly.

 You can expect hospitals, indoor shopping centres, arenas, and factory floors to all use a chiller unit to keep the temperature and humidity at a respectable temperature. These are just a few locations which you can be expected to work in.

 Your work can vary from indoor to outdoor work, depending on where the chiller is located in the building.

 The two places which a chiller is usually located are roofs or basements. This makes it important to be prepared for all elements of weather.

 Whilst you may have to be prepared to work in all weather, there will be certain tests and repairs which cannot be carried out due to safety reasons e.g. live circuitry. 

How To Become A Chiller Engineer?

To become a chiller engineer, you must have relevant qualifications and experience. There are many gateways into this sector, all with different requirements and starting points.

 Gaining a qualification in engineering, specifically in refrigeration, air conditioning, or HVAC, can increase your chances and make the process much smoother. This can be done by achieving an NVQ level 2 or 3 in refrigeration and air conditioning.

 You must also hold an FGAS certificate which allows you to install, repair, maintain, and decommission air conditioning and refrigeration. 

 Before you can receive your FGAS certificate, you must have obtained all of the relevant qualifications. These can all be found on

 Expect to see several job ads requiring a minimum number of years’ experience to be employed as a chiller engineer. This job can come with its risk factors so experience can be a strong determining factor in who is hired!

To gain experience, consider college courses, work experience, and apprenticeships. By doing this, you are showing your future employers that you are dedicated and committed to learn new things.

 Keep an eye on our job vacancies for jobs in this sector. If you are not ready for a new job just yet but you have been considering it, take a minute to look at current availabilities to see if there are any further qualifications you do not have yet. 

Salary Of A Chiller Engineer

The engineering sector is on average a higher payer than other professions out there. on average, a chiller engineer earns up to £38,000 per annum which equals £19.49 per hour.

 The entry level wage can start around £35,000 per annum whilst the more experienced workers can up to as much as £44,389 per annum.

 Whilst the entry level is £3,000 less than the average wage, this is a successful job industry and has the opportunities to help you climb that career ladder.

 If you would like additional support to ensure you achieve your desired goal, get in touch with one of our technical recruitment specialists.

 Find out how you can get the best out of an engineering recruitment agency, such as us, by reading our blog here.

Chiller Engineer Jobs In Action

Interested In A Chiller Engineering Career?

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